Saturday, April 11, 2015

Painted Women By Kameco

Hello loves, I wanted to share about my first visit to a Painted Women By Kameco Spa. I had first known about it through social media and I was instantly hooked by the decor and world class service they offer their clients. By mistake I ended up at the Melrose location rather than the Beverly Hills but it worked out in my favor since the lovely Kameco was there herself ! I have to say i have only met a few owners with such kindness and humble about their success. She was constanly checking up on us and her nail technicians work, she was even suggesting styles, but even better she was playing around with my nephew which made me and I'm sure many other clients feel welcome with her warm personality.  Because of this we got to ask her a few questions to share with you guys ! Enjoy-- XOXO Lili Brito

Q: How did you come up both with the name and the theme of your spa?

A: I actually looked at a thesaurus and painted woman means woman of the night. Also, the name is pretty literal since my clients come and get painted up or dolled up. As for the theme, I love pink and I am part italian so I love all the glam and to go all out! (& We can tell & Love it!!)

Q:Where do you plan to expand?

A: (she currently has 5 locations including one in Spain) Since I love to travel, I plan to open in many places like London, Dubai, Hong Kong and even Mexico!

Q:Who is your targeted Client?

A: Painted Women who are professional but still sexy, in other words a power sophisticated sexy women.

Q: What is your most requested service?

A: I would say Pedis in general since every one wants to sit in our chairs.
 (Unfortunately since we were in the melrose location we couldn't get one but we sure will come back for those chairs and champagne !)

Q: How long have you had your spa?

A: I initially started by selling my products online about two years ago and just recently opened up the spas all within the year
( Wow what success!!!)

Fun Fact: Kameco can only serve 3 glasses of champagne per clients for legal and safe driving reasons

Beverly Hills location 
Melsore Location specializes in Hair care and lash extensions

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