Saturday, April 11, 2015

Painted Women By Kameco

Hello loves, I wanted to share about my first visit to a Painted Women By Kameco Spa. I had first known about it through social media and I was instantly hooked by the decor and world class service they offer their clients. By mistake I ended up at the Melrose location rather than the Beverly Hills but it worked out in my favor since the lovely Kameco was there herself ! I have to say i have only met a few owners with such kindness and humble about their success. She was constanly checking up on us and her nail technicians work, she was even suggesting styles, but even better she was playing around with my nephew which made me and I'm sure many other clients feel welcome with her warm personality.  Because of this we got to ask her a few questions to share with you guys ! Enjoy-- XOXO Lili Brito

Q: How did you come up both with the name and the theme of your spa?

A: I actually looked at a thesaurus and painted woman means woman of the night. Also, the name is pretty literal since my clients come and get painted up or dolled up. As for the theme, I love pink and I am part italian so I love all the glam and to go all out! (& We can tell & Love it!!)

Q:Where do you plan to expand?

A: (she currently has 5 locations including one in Spain) Since I love to travel, I plan to open in many places like London, Dubai, Hong Kong and even Mexico!

Q:Who is your targeted Client?

A: Painted Women who are professional but still sexy, in other words a power sophisticated sexy women.

Q: What is your most requested service?

A: I would say Pedis in general since every one wants to sit in our chairs.
 (Unfortunately since we were in the melrose location we couldn't get one but we sure will come back for those chairs and champagne !)

Q: How long have you had your spa?

A: I initially started by selling my products online about two years ago and just recently opened up the spas all within the year
( Wow what success!!!)

Fun Fact: Kameco can only serve 3 glasses of champagne per clients for legal and safe driving reasons

Beverly Hills location 
Melsore Location specializes in Hair care and lash extensions

Excuse my weird little fingers
Louboutin Nail Polish
Color: Me Nude

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hello loves! After a little over 3o days now, i can post about a collaboration i did with another fashion blog/online magazine. WillAskedMeToo focus on incoming professionals in all areas and i got the opportunity to model for them and i had a blast! Shooting was super fun since i got to do a little bit more with more experienced photographers (Will himself). I was really pleased with the outcome of the project. If you'd like to check out more issues go to!
Enjoy- XOXO Lili Brito

Will Asked Me Too - Hit The Bricks - Liliana Brito - Issue 16 from Will Asked Me Too on Vimeo.

Dress (Vintage 90s Floral Print Thrifted) - Buffalo Exchange
Heels - Love Couture
Fedora - Charlotte Russe
Watch - Charming Charlie
Earrings - H&M
Sunglasses (both) - H&M
Bracelet - Cal-Mart

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lola Shoetique VS. Barneys

Hello Loves,  I've been recently online shopping and i came across a lot of cool sites with super cute shoes and one of them was Lola Shoetique! We all love the designer shoe but we can't all afford it and thats why i loved this site. there are tons of styles fit for every personality and the price on them are great!Anyways, i thought i would share my find as well as cute new spring/summer shoes you can take! Enjoy! -XOXO Lili Brito

Lola Shoetique  $31.99

Christian Louboutin $675

Lola Shoetique $37.99

Aquazzura $725
Lola Shoetique $26.99
Mui Mui $950

Lola Shoetique $36.99

Vince Camuto $169
Lola Shoetique $28.99
Valentino $975


Thursday, March 12, 2015

LA Fashion Week: Sue Wong Edition

 I believe I speak for us both when I say I was awed by the amazing show Sue Wong put up for LA Fashion Week! It was a great experience to attend an Art Love's fashion show as media and get all the coverage necessary for our lovely readers. 

 Sue Wong her self with eyes on her of course.

 Media Coverage was no problem here!

The show was about 64 looks in total, all separated into different categories according to a goddess or mythos such as air, water, earth,and medusa etc. There were many gowns we agreed we needed in my closet but to be honest, the head pieces stole the show and we were sure they were Alexander McQueen inspired. Not only that but, what was more powerful was the background music which really set off the mood to empower women. 

Overall, we were all glad to get in and enjoy a great show by Sue Wong.

 Due to technical errors we couldn't upload our own video so we found one for you to enjoy, Watch here !

Enjoy loves- XOXO LBAV