About two months ago i became determined to taste the famous macaroons! so i went on a treasure hunt and ended up at the French Grocery on Missouri & 7th ave, phoenix, Arizona. They have the most delicious treats ever! The first time i heard about these delicious pastries was our one and only Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf. The French Grocery's signature and most popular item is clearly the macaroon so make sure to stop by early in the morning, they go out quick ! Not only that but they only three flavors each time so if you become a regular like me you'll be trying different flavors every time. But if i had to recommend one it would defiantly be the Strawberry Banana ! Yum! Of course it is a grocery so if you are really into trying new things and cultures you can try different pastries, meals, drinks and even wines.

 Hello fabulous readers ! Here's a review on a cute little cafe called Colados that just opened around the corner ! on 107th and Indian school in Avondale, Arizona ! If it's no where near you their signature ingredient is of course coffee and it is safe to say that Starbucks has new competition, but not only that they also have amazing crepes ! They are absolutely delicious and light perfect for breakfast and the best part is that it's  easy to make; all you need is the crepe that can usually be found at grocery stores, Nutella, strawberries, bananas, ice cream, whip cream and a hint of chocolate syrup! Yum! But if near you i definitely recommend you go check it out and say Lili sent you ! XOXO