I finally got a chance to post about my recent favorite beauty products! Not too long ago i went into MAC to get my make up done and i had to purchase some goodies of course! I have to say tho, it is much better to get a demonstration than just go in blind folded not knowing what to purchase in any make-up store. Now mac is not exactly my favorite foundation wise, but these other products work wonders! Enjoy!-XOXO Lili Brito

 This baby has a dual job as a skin refresher/moisturizer and a finishing mist. You must apply before foundation like a primer and let it air dry before applying anything else, for it to set in. I wear it even when i am not wearing make up and just running errands for my skin to still feel healthy! Although my favorite part is the finishing mist, no doubt, this is the best i have tried. Simply spray around face after your full set of make up and it will last for more than 8hrs garanteed! 
Next is this baby, i call it the eraser; It erases both my blemishes and my BIG DARK Circles. I apply this right after the spray, but you must play with it with your finger for it to get that silky, smooth feel to it. Then apply to any noticeable red blemmish and dark circles and watch them disappear! Must be done before foundation. 
Now i love the statement lip but some days and/or occasions a nude lip fits way better. This nude is the perfect shade for a glowing natural look!
And last but not least, these are some of my favs from mac as well. I did not buy them in the same occasion as the rest but i thought i would through them in! The liner is also in a previous beauty post, and the shadows add major shine to the eyes, for those shadow junkies! 
Lip Linear: Trust in Red
Shadows: Pastelluxe A63

This is my everyday face makeup routine during the summer! It only takes me 10 minutes to do my makeup and its really easy as well. Links to everything down below! 

First, I apply a CC cream that is really easy and light that has a lot of spf for the summer! Then for my under eyes, I apply concealer and set it with a concealer powder to hide my tired eyes from staying up all night! Then I prime my eyelids with an eye primer which is super important because I tend to get oily eye lids.

Next, I apply a cream highlight for my cheek bones and apply bronzer for the perfect bronzed look. On a day to day basis, I prefer bronzer over blush during the summer. Then I set that with a powder highlight from Dior to give me the perfect glow. 

As for eyes, I like everything simple. I use a shimmery cream color for my brow bone highlight, then a matte cream color for all over my lid and a matte light brown for my crease  all from the NAKED Basics palette. Then I apply black liquid eye liner and curl my lashes. For my lashes, I apply a primer which provides volume for my lashes and top it off with my favorite mascara that I have been using for years from MAC.  

Then I spray my finished look with a long lasting setting spray. As for lips, I never use the same color so it is always different!


MAC Up The Amp

MAC Candy Yum Yum

MAC Saint German

MAC Morange 

My favorite MAC lipsticks, especially for the summer time! I love bright lips in different shades. Enjoy! 
XOXO Amanda Villegas


 Hello loves! For this post i wanted to share some of my favorite makeup products! 
To start off with my base i love to use the Benefit Porefessional to give my skin a smooth base and allows my makeup to stay longer. 
As for foundation and power i am currently using Clinique since it was recommended to me for my skin type  but i am actually looking forward to try bare minerals soon.
For contouring i use a darker shade of foundation from Mary Kay which i really like but i have to make sure to blend blend! and to go with that i use the Pur bronzer.
Pur also has my favorite counselor! it's super creamy and easy to apply! only comes in three shades and the middle one is mine. 
This Nars blush was given to me by my wonderful partner in crime mandy and i love it! Its more of a orangy pink; i love this shade because the light pink tones flushes me out and any darker would make me look like an umpalumpa therefore it was perfection.
EYES! yes eyes are my favorite part. For the brow i have found the perfect little fix, the shade to color them in is quite light which i love since i am currently a blonde. if i have one pet peeve it's blondes with black eyebrows! Not only that but it comes with a perfect powder highlight which i use for contouring as well.And mascara well the telescopic by l'oreal is amazinggg! the fine brush elongates my lashes perfectly without clumps and flakes making them look as natural as possible. As for liner i  am trying the victoria secret one and it seems to do the job well so far.
Eyeshadows! I have yet to buy my Naked 2 and 3 but the one is my companion for now and i love it! i love wearing neutrals so it is perfectly versatile for my closet, and i also use the Urban decay primer to make the look last! but to add some fun i use the glitter palette from mac.
For lips i like to have a bold neutral color if that isn't too confusing, but this milani lipstick makes all the sense!

Best Drug Store Finds!
Benefit The Porefessional
Clinique Foundation 03  [Ivory]
Clinique Powder 17  [Stay Golden]
Mary Kay Foundation  [Beige 402]
Pur Mineral Glow Bronzer
Pur Counselor [Tan] 
Nars Blush [Love Joy]
Milani Brow Fix Kit
L'oreal Telescopic Mascara [Brown]
Victoria Secret Liquid Eyeliner [Blackest Black]
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Mac Pastel Luxe Palette [Veluxe Pearl Fusion]

Milani Lipstick 25 [Naturally Chic] 

 Don't let a sad lip slow you down!

Working as a saleswoman can get a bit repetitive and quite hard! Therefore, adding some fun and color to my outfit definitely brings my energy up and catches potential customer's eyes! While in the picture, the Mac pencil boxing and name of the color are a red, in person it's a deep bombshell fuchsia. To be quite honest i never used pencils until mandy shipped this one over for Christmas and i love it! PS. Thankyou! It works perfectly in lining the cupids bow and adding drama to the lip. I do love a mate lip but to add some gloss i used a lighter shade of pink which may have contributed to the change in shade of color. Over all, totally recommend trying mac liners the are a perfect stain lip for a 13 hour shift!  

102 Rose Satin Gloss Volupte

Trust In Red Mac Pro Longwear Lip Pencil